Bespoke Jackets and Suits

Bespoke Jackets and Suits

Hi everyone, welcome back and hope you are all keeping safe despite the Covid 19 pandemic.

Our shop is reopening in line with the Government guidelines. Please call and make an appointment before coming.

We continue our short blogs on making the Bespoke suits. There are two kinds of suit jackets and blazers. There are canvas jackets which come in a full or half canvas, and then there are fused jackets.

Since the jacket is made from wool or another material, when you lay the fabric out on a table, it’s completely flat. It doesn’t take the proportions and angles of a person’s body into account. It lays there like a piece of paper. The interlining is what’s put in the jacket to make it three-dimensional, so it drapes well on your body and doesn’t just hang flat.

We will show some details about the fused suit in our next blog.