Luxury Fabric

Luxury Fabric

Luxury Fabric

Along with wool, many tailors will offer a smaller range of luxury fibres that are finer and softer than fabric made with sheep’s wool.

The most common is cashmere, a yarn spun from the hair of the cashmere goat. Alpaca, silk and mohair (yarn from the hair of the Angora goat) are commonplace at many Tailor shops.

The most luxurious fibre comes from vicuña, a relative of the Alpaca that lives in the Andes.

The extremely soft and warm fibres can only be shorn from the animal every few years, so the resulting yarn is rather expensive. Some mills will add these fibres to majority-wool blends to add elements of luxury to more functional and affordable fabrics. But in most cases suits made solely of a luxury fabric are a splurge item.

If you want to go for a sport coat or a sweater or cashmere blazer which you want to feel on your skin you can choose these type of fabrics.

In our next blog we will talk about cotton and linen. Until then, take care!

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