Choosing The Right Fabric

Choosing The Right Fabric

This week we talk about basic things to consider for choosing the right fabric.

Someone says ‘you are what you eat’. Similarly, your clothes are what they are made of. It is wise to know the different materials, costs and availability to aid you in choosing the right fabric for clothes that will be of quality, lasts for long time and still attract admiring glances and comments.

For suits, there are 4 main fabrics and each of them has their advantage and disadvantage. First off we will look at the basic and cheapest and go through to the top of the class:

1. Polyester: this is the cheapest fabric and that is the only advantage. A suit from this fabric could cost you under £50.

2. Cotton: this is a breathable and natural fabric. One disadvantage is that it does not hold it’s shape well, and does not present a formal look. It is great for making more casual suits/jackets suitable for a simple summer event.

3. Linen: this is another natural fabric and is breathable fabric that is woven from the flax plant. Main disadvantage here is that it wrinkles easily as much as it breathes. It is very lightweight fabric.

4. Wool:  Top of the class! Classy, durable, breathable, highest quality and comfortable suit fabric. It holds it’s shape well and allows good temperature regulation. It is rated mainly by its fineness – super 100 to 120’s (this is the best ratio of durability to quality).

In our next blog we will provide you some detail on choosing the right texture of fabric. Send us a comment or review or two. We look forward to hearing from you.