Choosing Fabric Texture

Choosing Fabric Texture

Hello again!

We have taken a while to reach our fourth blog on our site but guess what? It’s time to ‘Talk Texture’.

One thing to think about is, ‘What time of year will I be wearing my suit?’

It’s a great thing to be able to have a wardrobe that is considered seasonal and trendy but this can be very expensive and could mean you then end up having over a hundred suits in the wardrobe. How many of us have this much space to facilitate such a wardrobe?

You sure don’t need such a seasonal wardrobe but you definitely need some suits that will see you through the hasher and lighter seasons of the year.

Lloydbp4 Bespoke Tailor in Smethwick suggests you consider some heavier tweeds for the winter time as these type of fabric will provide more warmth and insulation. During the warmer weather such as summer, Lloydbp4 Bespoke tailors recommend lighter cooler fabric such as linen blends.

This range will allow you a versatile wardrobe. You can speak to our tailor about the different weight fabrics – lighter fabrics usually under 9 ounces generally are better for summer time, mid-weight fabrics usually around 12 ounces in weight for transitional wear, and heavy-weight fabrics usually over 14 ounces in weight for winter wear.

We will address 3 further blogs on fabric texture soon. Send us a comment or review or two. We look forward to hearing from you.