Cotton and Linen Textures

Cotton and Linen Textures


Plant fibres represent another category of fabrics a customer can choose from. Cotton is an accepted option for many casual suits, and is, in most cases, less expensive than wool or linen. It is flexible and breathable, but shows creases more than wool fabrics.


Another classic plant fibre is linen which is made from the fibres of the flax plant. While it is very breathable it develops a characteristic wrinkle and can look a little dishevelled – some people like that bit of imperfection but you need to be aware of this so you are not disappointed and can embrace it as it can look like an old beaten up suit. It is not for everybody nor every occasion.


Ok this is the last in the blogs on texture. Next time we will look at some other interesting things to consider when making a Bespoke Tailored suit.

Take care.

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