Welcome To Tailoring Speaks

Welcome To Tailoring Speaks

What’s in the making of a Bespoke suit?

Making a Bespoke tailored suit is a very intricate and detailed process. The suit is made with individual specifications to fit the particular person. They can be most expensive and can range from £2000 upwards to over £4000. This is because every aspect of the suit is tailored to the customer’s measurements and specifications which includes the fabric, buttons, shape, cut, and contrast stitching. After the measurements are taken the fabric is cut and stitched by hand

The next type of suit is make to measure which ranges up to £1800. This suit is partially made in advance then the customer can make some changes to the suit before it is finally sewn up to their specifications and measurements. Some additional tailoring might be required but is usually included in the total price beforehand.

You can also buy off the rack suits which are usually cheaper than the two previously mentioned suits and can cost up to £1000, but as little as £100. The customer has no control over the details already included in the making of the suit. Usually some tailoring alterations are required to make it fit and the adjustments can be costly. The customer has to find a good tailor to make the alterations.

Next week we will start focusing on basics in terms of choosing the right fabric, colours, textures, shape and other combinations. I look forward to hearing from you too.